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Letter of Permission Request and Visiting Student Admission Form

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This form has four parts. After completing all sections, you will be provided with a summary of your submission.

Part One

Your Home University
Where are you currently enrolled? (Your home university*)
Your student number at
your home university*
Have you attended another college/university since you were last enrolled at your home university?* Yes
"If "yes," was this registration on the basis of a Letter of Permission? Yes

This personal information is being collected under the authority of the host university and will be used for the purposes of admission, registration, decisions on your academic status and to provide you with information related to your studies at the University. It may be shared with other educational institutions. Information regarding graduation and awards may be made public. Upon your graduation, the name, address and degree information you have provided will be given to and maintained by the Alumni Records department in order to assist in the University's advancement and development efforts. This information is protected by the Protection on Privacy provisions of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have any questions about the collection, contact the host university's Freedom of Information Coordinator's Office.

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